3 reasons that lead a company to grant payday loans

Being registered in a file of defaulters is more common than we can come to believe. Knowing the exact number of people who are in default in Spain is very difficult, as there is no official record and different files such as ASNEF, RAI (for companies), Experian Badexcug or FIM (the latter of the real estate sector) so that the data is not unified and is not accurate. However, if we can approximate that the figure is millions. When we are registered in one of these files, our possibilities of accessing financing are drastically reduced. As a general rule, we will only be able to access payday loans with Payday Loan Store that will help us to meet a pressing need for money. 

Being in ASNEF does not mean you’re not going to pay the mini-credit

Small disagreements with supply companies, such as telephone or energy companies, are common reasons. It is not uncommon to find bills of light or mobile phone unpaid more by the personal decision than by lack of money. This is known by the lenders and that is why one of the requirements that the mini-credit companies request from the client is that ASNEF’s debt does not come from a bank but it does not matter if it is from a supply company.

In addition, once we claim a telephone company, for example, and decide not to pay your bills, we can initiate a claim process that leads to including our name in these files while the situation has not been resolved. However, lenders can know where the debt comes from and the amount of it, so, while it is not from a bank and the amount is not very high, we can access mini-loans with ASNEF.

Mini-loans with ASNEF offer small amounts

As we have already said, the range of financing possibilities is reduced. One of the options to get money being in this files are the mini credits with ASNEF instantly, because they do not provide large amounts. In this way, the risk to the company not receiving the reimbursement of the money borrowed is not very great. Thus, the loans with ASNEF that we can find in the market offer as a general rule about 250 euros for new clients that we must return in a month.

Lender Max. Cost of € 100 to 30 days Advantage I’m interested
PepeDinero mini credit € 250 new customers

€ 500 and customers

€ 33
  • ASNEF: Non-bank debts less than € 1,000
  • Extension of 7, 14 or 30 days
  • Sponsor Program: Free 7-day loan for a friend and € 25 gift for us
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This is an example of a lender that offers its product to clients registered with ASNEF and, as we can see, the amount of 250 euros does not represent a huge risk. In addition, the amounts that we can access are lower if we are new customers, but if we return the mini credit to the company normally, we increase their confidence in us and allow us to obtain larger amounts.

It is common to ask again for a mini loan

The purpose of the mini credits must be to supply an unexpected financial need and we must only hire them when we are sure that we will be able to meet their reimbursement after one month. It is very important that we follow these two tips because, otherwise, not paying the mini-credit can make us appear in ASNEF and fall into an over-indebtedness that we will find difficult to leave.

However, not all people make responsible use of this type of financing and allocate this money to other activities for which it is recurrent that they need small amounts of money urgently. For this reason, there are companies that offer mini-loans with ASNEF, since they know that if they are made with one of these clients, they will ask for other mini loans again.